Asset Valuation

Our professional expertise and resources allow us to make complete and professional appraisal reports to reduce your surplus equipment inventory and refocus your IT and test equipment dollars on your core business. We will estimate the market value of your type of technological equipments including Test Equipment, Networking Equipment, Audio/Video and Storage Equipment.

If you want to save time, resources and money, let us do the work for you. Our experience, resources and broad customer and broker network, will help you find your product in the shortest time while maximizing savings.

Auction Sale Program

We can organize and preside any type of auctions, just on your facility or we can move your equipments to an designated off site location. This type of auction sale programs is designed for maximize your income in the shortest period of time. And we give you a check within 14 working days from the close of auction.

Trade-ins & Lease Returns

We can estimate the market value of your equipments and re-market your trade-ins or your lease returns. Another option is to purchase your equipment with CASH, to maximize your cash resources.

We will purchase your surplus assets, in CASH, within 3-4 business days.

Distribution Program

TestWorld Inc will sell and distribute your equipment on your behalf and take a commission from the sale. This option can be effective when the product you are selling has a limited market or small number of buyers. Our broad customer base can help you sell your product faster and for higher value returning your inventory dollars to your bottom line.

Green Recycling

We provides logistics services, data wiping solutions and cleansing services, green disposal of end of life electronic equipment and green recycling of all types of computers and network equipments (computers, servers, lcd monitors, crt monitors, printers, test and network equipment) to large and medium companies.

We provides no risk solution for green recycling process. We will collect the equipment units, the documents by serial number, we cleanse the equipment, restoring it to factory settings and configurations and then recycle or dispose of the equipment. We know all environmental regulations. We will assist you to control and dispose your e-waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and to minimize landfill.